Cherry Blossom Season

I've been lucky enough to live in cities where cherry blossoms are in full bloom this time of year. When I lived in New York City there were a few blossom trees tucked away on little streets, but each year I would still make a trip out to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to see rows upon rows of cherry blossoms blooming. It was one of my favorite Spring traditions. 

Now living in San Francisco, the city is covered in pastel pink blooms, every walk outside really feels like a dream. My new cherry blossom tradition here is to take a day trip to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park to enjoy the blooms with a cup of tea and a slice of green tea cheese cake. My favorite part is when a little gust of wind comes along blowing pink petals everywhere, just like a cherry blossom snow globe.

Spring Mood Board

Each season at Sweet & Spark I get to design the creative themes, color palettes and photoshoots. I begin by creating mood boards filled with inspiring imagery and layout ideas for Jillian and I to refer back to when buying the jewelry and apparel. Inspiration research is a key part of kicking off each season, I can remember falling in love with the process at my first job out of school designing jewelry for Marc Jacobs. I would spend hours at the library scanning old magazines and, surprise surprise... vintage shopping! 

Having grown up antique shopping with my mom I was used to buying things I liked to wear, but vintage shopping for design inspiration trained me for buying seasonal themes. It has been so rewarding to combine my love for vintage with my design background into Sweet & Spark, which is why I want to start sharing a little bit more behind what goes into creating each season on my blog. For Spring, we focused on florals and pastels, both of which were pretty common themes throughout the 1950s and 1960s. For an added touch of Springtime nature, we also focused on collecting critters like butterflies, frogs, caterpillars and bumble bees.