How to Break In Clogs

My shoe of choice is not always the most comfortable to break in, especially in a walking city like Manhattan. I have been too eager on multiple occasions after receiving a new pair of clogs, thinking to myself, "this time it won't be thaaaat bad..." After about my tenth pair of clogs (and lots of band-aids!) I have learned some tips and tricks to speed along the process and thought it would be helpful to share my easy three step process here. Before I even take a new pair of clogs out for a test run, I make sure to follow these steps. The last few pairs I have broken in this way have left me with what feels like clogs I have been wearing for a few weeks... and everyone who loves these wooden sole shoes like me knows, broken in clogs are THE most comfortable! Simply take a moist towel and dampen the inside on the toe box area and any edges that feel like they will rub your foot. Then put on a pair of socks, not too thick as you don't want to over stretch the leather. Wear your new clogs around the house for an hour or two. Slip the pair of clogs on without the socks to check how they feel, repeat the steps until you feel comfortable enough to take them out! Et voila, no need to grab a pack of band-aids for this pair!

White Eyelet Hem

Summer simplicity. An airy dress for running around the city and the perfect, classic accessories: adorable clogs and a pair of cat eye sunglasses. I am so excited for Summer in Manhattan, everything comes back to life, everyone sits outside at their favorite restaurants or coffee shops and walking is no longer a hassle but an absolute pleasure.