How To Style A Neck Scarf

I have been collecting and adding to my scarf collection since early high school years. It began with a few vintage Chanel scarfs, then there was a big Emilio Pucci phase when I could not get enough of the 1960's, then as my style matured I turned to vintage Hermes silk scarfs. Each one carries a special story or commemorates an event in my life and I treasure them dearly. A classic silk scarf will never go out of style and there are so many ways to wear them. I love styling them as big bows on my favorite handbags and always as the classic staples: tied in a headband or a turban... but my favorite way to wear a scarf is tied around my neck. Either in a bow, wrapped around twice or even just draped, a scarf is always the perfect accessory. To see how I styled some of my favorite neck scarfs take a peek at some of my past looks where I am wearing a pink Hermès scarf, a pale blue Hermès scarf and a silk bandana print Neiman Marcus scarf.