Around the Apartment

Here's a little peek inside our San Francisco apartment as well as my home office. I spend most of my time at my desk working on the computer, lots of answering emails and photoshopping! But my favorite little corner is where I keep all my jewelry displayed and organized on my dressing table. I get to admire it every day from the moment I wake up and see it from my bed, until the moment I grab a spritz of perfume right before I leave the apartment for work.

How to Display Your Vintage Jewelry

Collecting jewelry is such a passion of mine, it would be a shame to keep everything hidden inside my dresser drawers. Instead, I love to display my favorite finds on top of my dressing table in vintage boxes and vintage bowls. I found this adorable two tiered gold cookie tray while thrifting in Dallas a few years ago, perfect for displaying my baubles. I always come across a cookie tray or two at antique malls, but I have spotted them online as well... Love these vintage trays that I found on Etsy here, here and here.

How to Store Your Vintage Jewelry

After moving into our new San Francisco apartment, I finally had the opportunity (and the space!) to display a few of my favorite collected jewels and accessories. After tucking everything away for so many years in my tiny Manhattan studio, it is so nice to have a space where I can be reminded of my fondest vintage shopping memories. I found these Pottery Barn Antique Gold Jewelry Boxes to keep my jewelry and sunglasses where I would still be able to see them while keeping everything dust free. Next up on my SF home tour will be my dresser!

Vintage Jewelry Boxes

Golden filigree boxes framed in glass... I find them at just about every antique shop and I can't help but collect them all! Perfect for storing jewels and precious keepsakes. eBay and Etsy are fully stocked with options as well, I saved a few links below for collectors alike!