Desk Diaries Vol. IV

With holiday season upon us, I was thinking about how I've approached my Christmas list as a young adult. As a teenager it used to be all about the quantity, I wanted as many clothes and accessories as possible. My go-to shopping destination used to be Urban Outfitters, I loved their colorful sneakers, trendy dresses and vintage rock band tees. These days I lean towards quality when it comes to picking out a gift for myself, making investment pieces my new favorite thing to shop for. Most recently my list has included cashmere sweaters, vintage Chanel handbags and vintage Chanel tweed jackets, styles that I know I will have forever and never go out of style. Bonus points for creating memories with my Mom hunting each vintage piece down from Manhattan and Dallas consignment shops. 

Last year, I put something new at the top of my list: an investment watch. Something elegant, simple and classic to take with me into my thirties and beyond. I loved that Cartier re-issued their Panthere collection, which led me on a 4 month journey of tracking down the perfect vintage style from their original collection circa 1980s to 1990s, plus the lower price tag is always a plus when it comes to second hand investment finds! My vintage Cartier watch has become my #1 wardrobe staple, I wear it every single day without fail. I love how delicate and understated it is, but what really makes me smile everyday are the fond memories of me and my Dad looking at countless watches and finally finding "the one" at a local Dallas estate jeweler.

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

Vintage Cartier Panthere Watch

Vintage Chanel, YSL, Dior and More

Fresh designer baubles are going fast! We've come across a few Chanel heart earrings on our buying trips this year, they are definitely a rare find. Especially the more statement styles like this set I spotted New Orleans last Fall. I am coveting a pair for my personal collection, just have to wait for "the one" to come along.

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

Sweet & Spark Vintage Designer Jewelry

Desk Diaries Vol. I

Hello vintage lovers! I'm starting a new mini series here called "desk diaries" where I can share more about what I am up to with work and some of my personal life as well. Thought it would be a sweet way to share how my week is going, and what I currently have laying about on my desk. This week's desk accessories consist of some bits and bobs from my vintage jewelry collection as well as my new beauty obsession. I love to mix high and low jewels together, like these fun plastic floral earrings from the 1960's and this golden Chanel choker from the 1990's. Wore this combo out to an afternoon meeting with a crisp white button down and Levi's jeans. In other news, I cannot get enough of French Girl Organics, my gateway product was their rose lip polish. I have been venturing further and further down the organic skincare rabbit hole, and will report back with my favorite products so far in my next desk diaries, ciao for now.