My Vintage Jewelry Collection

I have grown up collecting vintage and antique jewelry as well as inheriting family heirlooms here and there. With antique collectors for parents, I always feel right at home while thrifting... finding lost keepsakes and becoming a part of their story is such an enchanting concept to me. With that said, I also want to make an announcement of sorts: My blog, this special place where I get to share my favorite finds, will start to include a behind the scenes look into my new jewelry shop (coming soon!)... something that I hope everyone will love to see and watch evolve. 

While my personal jewelry collection, a few favorite pieces shared here in these photos, will not be for sale... I am hoping to collect and offer a similar aesthetic of vintage and antique pieces in my shop along with a capsule collection of fine jewelry designed by me!  I will continue sharing my personal style, travel and other posts here, but my hope is that they will start to revolve mostly around jewelry. I am not really sure how this whole thing will develop, but my wish is for it to be as organic as possible... When I started this blog, it's purpose was meant to be a platform where I could share my inspirations, daily musings and what I wore... in that way, nothing is changing... just maturing. This online space has become very special to me over the years, and I am excited to share this next chapter with you.