Desk Diaries Vol. II

As I mentioned in my very first Desk Diaries Vol. I, I have been incorporating more organic products into my skincare routine. (I do still use a few Boscia products that I have not been able to phase out yet, they're still too good, I'm looking at you Tsubaki Glotion!) I'm pretty sure that everyone is familiar with Herbivore and French Girl by now, they have been taking over the social media spotlight all summer. If not, here's a simple rundown of what both companies stand for: natural & sustainable ingredients, plant based oils, recyclable packaging, etc. For me, if the product works and feels good, I'm in. The organic angle is just an added bonus, although I do like the fact that I know exactly what I'm rubbing into my skin on a daily basis. Plus, I am a sucker for pretty packaging.

Okay, let's get into it. I LOVE a refreshing face mist for that half way point in the day when you don't want to ruin your makeup but you could use a little moisture boost. So, I started out buying Herbivore's Rose Face Mist for this task, but have ended up replacing my nighttime toner as well. Thank goodness oils have been such a skincare trend lately, because I am obsessed. I used to use the Neutrogena body oil in high school, and sort of forgot about oils after that. I am now using French Girl's Face Oil Elixer in the am and Herbivore's Phoenix Face Oil in the pm. After bath time, I like to use the Lumiere Body Oil on my collar bones and shoulders for a soft glow, and the Jasmine Body Oil on my arms, the subtle fragrance is lovely.

On to the extras. I'll use a few spritzes of the Coconut + Sea Salt Hair Mist in the morning before styling my hair with a blowdryer, it gives my locks a fresh feel plus (again) I love the scent. Followed with dry shampoo for those lazy shower-less days. I used to exfoliate with a charcoal sponge, but I've been loving the Rose Face Polish, a little goes a long way! Most nights I just use a face oil plus retinol, but if I'm feeling a bit dry I'll add in the Creme Lumiere Face Moisturizer as a final step. That's about it for now!

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

French Girl Rose Lip Polish // French Girl Lumiere Body Oil // French Girl Rose Face Polish // Herbivore Phoenix Face Oil // Herbivore Rose Face Mist

Not shown here, but recently purchased (and fallen for!) are the Jasmine Body Oil and Coconut + Sea Salt Hair Mist from Herbivore as well as the Rose Sea PolishCreme Lumiere Face Moisturizer and Face Oil Elixer from French Girl. I've also heard good things about the Pink Cloud and Moon Fruit moisturizers.

Spring Beauty Routine Refresh

While I am in the middle of Spring cleaning, I thought I would share my new beauty products of the moment since I usually get the urge to update a few things this time of year. I always try to incorporate new scents into my collection and most recently my go-to for date nights has been the new Chanel No. 5 L'eau perfume, a lighter version of the classic No. 5 which is known for its strong aroma. My favorite everyday scent is usually something from Chloé. I finally bought into the Glossier craze last month and I have to say I am now a huge fan. I have followed Into the Gloss since the beginning, but I never felt the urge to try any products until just recently. See, I have begun the process of growing out my bangs and for the first time in a long time you can see my brows. I desperately needed a new brow product and I after hearing only good things about Boy Brow I decided to give it a go along with the haloscope highlighter and the cloud paint blush. Call me obsessed, I already have my eye on a few other products.

Now onto the beauty accessories. I have been carrying the Cuyana makeup bags for a few years now, I absolutly love the blush colorway. I keep my makeup and brushes in the larger pouch, any jewelry I want to bring along when I travel goes into the smaller pouch. As a special twenty-first birthday gift years ago I received a full set of Chanel makeup brushes. I cherish them dearly, but I do not like to travel with them since they can get pretty scuffed up. The uber chic travel brushes I have been using recently from a new brand are equally great in quality plus they are a pretty gold color. 

My Everyday Makeup Routine

I love a quick, simple and natural looking makeup routine. My everyday prep only takes 10-15 minutes depending on how detailed I want to be. I thought I would share my favorite products that I am using right now since I have been trying out a few new things.

My first step is to always, always, always moisturize, I make sure to apply before bed and first thing in the morning. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is the holy grail of all primers, even when I have a no-makeup day, I still put this silky primer on for a near flawless look. Bare Minerals Well-Rested Face & Eye Brightener does just that, I like to apply a few dabs under my eyes and a little on my cheeks for a natural, fresh glow. Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Concealer is perfect for those little problem areas, I also apply around my nose and under eyes for those darker spots. E.l.f Essentials Shimmering Facial Whip is my go-to highlighter, I blend it onto my cheek bones for a dewy glow... I know the "shimmer" description can sound scary- but it is very subtle. E.l.f. Expert Liquid Liner is what I have been using for years and years, I go through liquid eyeliner rapidly... so at $2.00 per tube this is my all time favorite beauty product- not to mention it lasts all day! Chanel Illuminating Powder is a subtle bronzer that gives you a natural sun-kissed look, I like to brush a few strokes across my cheeks for a finishing touch.

Pin Curl Tutorial

I always love playing around with new ways to curl and style my hair, which is why I was so excited to work with Folica and their stunning products on a little hair tutorial. For my pin curl how-to I used the T3 Whirl Trio with interchangeable barrels (I did not use the tapered wand in this tutorial, but it is a great option to have!), Theorie Heat Shield Thermal Spray, Fave4 Workable Wear Spray, hair pins and some vintage Valentino inspiration!

First, prep your hair while it is still wet with a thermal protection spray. Once dry, start by curling strands of hair towards your face. I like to use the small barrel for the top layers and sections around my face. Once you have a section curled, wrap it in the same direction around your fingers, roll it up and pin in place while it is still hot.

Then, taking the larger barrel, curl the underneath sections in the same way as the previous sections. Give your pin curls a few moments to set and cool, I normally do my makeup while I wait.

Then, my favorite part, take out each curl starting from the bottom. Shake it out and brush your fingers through your curls.

I then pulled half of my curls up and tied them with a bow, but they also are fun to wear all down, full of bounce and volume. And for the finishing touch, use a few splashes of hairspray for hold!